Celebrating St Davids Day with a Brand Relaunch

We are Changing, We’re Putting Eryri First.

On the third-year anniversary of Snowdonia 360, the team behind Attractions of Snowdonia have announced their decision to relaunch from, ‘Snowdonia 360 Eryri’, to, ‘Eryri Snowdonia 360’, in a move that reflects the identity, purpose, and vision of the growing tourism organisation.

The shift will see the redevelopment of the brand, with the Snowdonia 360 logo now leading with the native Welsh name ‘Eryri’, taking precedence over its English counterpart ‘Snowdonia’.

This important move emulates the significant decision made by the Eryri National Park Authority (formerly Snowdonia National Park Authority), following a 5,000-strong signature petition, who will now use the Welsh names of Yr Wyddfa and Eryri rather than Snowdon or Snowdonia.

Sian Pritchard of Eryri Snowdonia 360 explained “We have made this strategic decision to invest in a brand evolution in line with these recent changes made initially by our National Park, as we recognise the huge significance of the decision. Announcing these changes on Dydd Gwyl Dewi (St David’s Day) is, of course, no coincidence, and also marks three years since we launched the tourism route.

“By leading with the Welsh name on our logo, we aim to highlight the importance of our native language and our culture. We are also encouraging others to engage with us by using our Welsh names and supporting a wider effort to highlight our heritage. Whilst these changes may seem like a minor design update, they are incredibly important and not only show our solidarity with our National Park but highlight our own pride in the Welsh language and culture.”

Naomi Jones, Head of Cultural Heritage at the Snowdonia National Park Authority said

“We have historic names in both languages, but we are eager to consider the message we wish to convey about place names, and the role they have to play in our current cultural heritage by promoting the Welsh language as one of the National Park’s special qualities.

“The National Park’s statutory purposes denotes the requirement to protect and enhance our cultural heritage and provide opportunities for people to learn about and enjoy the special qualities.  By referring to our most renowned landmarks by their Welsh names we give people from all over the world the opportunity to engage with the Welsh language and its rich culture.”

The rebrand will come into immediate effect and the rollout across all marketing platforms under Eryri Snowdonia 360 is already underway.


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