Let’s go electric!

So, you’ve made the switch to electric driving and your planning your first trip away to Snowdonia as part of the Snowdonia 360 tour! You’re considering your route, your stops, charging points, range and so much more. Follow these tips and your Electric Vehicle (EV) journey will be as smooth as can be:

  • Understand mileage from your starting point to your first destination. Calculate mileage and determine whether your vehicle offers enough range to reach. If not, use a journey planner such as ZapMap which will help you plan and recommend a stop point that suits your vehicle.


  • Destination one – if you are considering multiple destinations, ensure that your first destination has a charger that’s right for you with potential to charge over night if possible, bringing your range back up to optimum.


  • Optimise your range – when making long journeys, it’s important to optimise your range. This can be done in several ways – don’t speed, regulate you’re driving; don’t overuse aircon or heating; don’t unnecessarily over use any onboard technology and take note of what you’re vehicle is advising.


  • Range anxiety – range anxiety can be avoided by careful planning. Stick with your plan – a massive deviation may mean that you begin to run low on miles and there is no immediate charging station. There are many public charging stations as well as chargers in attractions, restaurants and camping spaces across North Wales. Refer to the Snowdonia 360 website to determine where they are and whether they’re right for you.


  • General tips – check your tyres, a dip in tyre pressure can affect performance and reduce range; use Eco mode, this will help regulate you’re driving, giving you optimum range; park in a cool area, this will help preserve your battery in the heat; in cool weather, allow the car ample time to warm up before you set off, again preserving battery.


  • Out of miles – don’t panic!! In this instance, its simply the support of the breakdown service that’s needed. All main providers are very much geared up for EV’s so please don’t panic, help is on its way!

Where to find charging points along the Snowdonia360?

According to ZapMap.com, there are a total of 1010 charging point across Wales. The map below provided by ZapMap highlights all the installed charging points for EV across North Wales, we highly recommend visiting www.zap-map.com for further information on each charging point, be sure to check each charging point has the correct connector type, its accessibility, the payment options, and which networks are available for your EV journey.

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