Addo – We’ve made our promise to Wales – have you?

Snowdonia 360 has thrown its weight behind Visit Wales, ‘Addo’ campaign, and have officially made our promise to Wales.

As we move cautiously away from lockdown and our hospitality and tourism industry steps up its activity a notch, it’s important that we start as we mean to go on.

The Addo campaign encourages visitors to commit and promise to look after our wonderful landscapes and to care for and consider each other throughout.

In the wake of Covid, Addo asks that people:

  • Look after my health — by regularly washing and sanitising my hands.
  • Keep a safe distance from other groups — by choosing open spaces and respecting local rules.
  • Act immediately if I feel unwell — by following advice, sharing information, and returning home if I need to.

The promise also asks that visitors leave no trace of their stay, follow the countryside code and embrace open spaces by avoiding crowded areas.

As part of its pledge to people, the promise asks that we embrace and enjoy the culture and language of Wales and celebrate the best Wales has to offer by choosing local businesses and buying Welsh produce. Finally, it asks that we support local enterprises and plan and prepare for any visit.

Jonathan Williams-Ellis of Snowdonia 360 said: “The Addo promise perfectly encapsulates the varied messages that we must deliver when promoting and attracting others to visit our wonderful region. By encouraging people to sign a pledge, we know that we are committed to retaining and upholding certain values and behaviours that will ensure the integrity of our land, environment, and culture is upheld.

“We, as an organisation, have signed the Addo promise and would encourage others to do so as we open up our borders, attractions, and venues. We look forward to welcoming you, enjoying visits in the best possible way, and driving through the Addo pledge.”


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