Not only is it St David’s Day, but today is our official one-year anniversary, and what a rollercoaster year it’s been!

Whilst it wasn’t quite the first year we had planned, with the entire country moved quickly into lockdown upon our launch, we are now preparing for the easing of restrictions that will see more of us opt for a safer holiday at home, within our own UK shores, making the Snowdonia360 the perfect stay-cay for 2021 and beyond (we promise you, once you visit once… you will want to come back time and time again!).

Helping to guide our visitors across the wonders, landscapes, and attractions of North Wales, we are rooted and invested in the Welsh spirit and are incredibly proud of our heritage and our culture. So, in the spirit of the Patron Saint of Wales – Dewi Sant (Welsh for St David) – let’s get you ready for your ultimate Welsh trip along the Snowdonia360 with some Welsh inspiration (once it’s safe to do so).

Typically, we celebrate St David’s Day by belting out some traditional Welsh songs such as Sosban Fach, Calon Lan and Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau. This singsong is then followed by a ‘te bach’, traditionally a pot of tea served with bara brith (our famous welsh fruited bread) and cacen gri (welsh cake) – you will find ample cafes, local shops, and restaurants across the Snowdonia 360 serving these delicious treats all year round, not just on St Davids Day. Children (and adults) are also encouraged to wear national costumes, and many pin a leek or daffodil to their clothes, being the national symbols of Wales. We also enjoy a warm bowl of ‘cawl’ or ‘lobsgows’, this is a Welsh lamb stew made with leeks and potatoes, the ultimate comfort food when served with (or in!) a warm bread roll. If you embrace these traditions on your trip along the Snowdonia360, with a few Welsh words in hand, this will guarantee you a real trip into the heritage and culture of Wales.

Here are some helpful Welsh phrases to learn whilst you plan your trip –

  • Diolch / Thank you
  • Bore Da / Good morning
  • Prynhawn Da / Good afternoon
  • Os Gwelwch Yn Dda / Please
  • Hwyl Fawr / Goodbye

Jonathan Williams- Ellis of Snowdonia360 “Launching Snowdonia 360 on St David’s Day was important to us, reemphasising our pride in our heritage and our history. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to gather the momentum we would have wished due to Covid-19, yet recognise this will change in the coming months.

“We have retained a presence in the past 12 months, however, we have been cautious in our approach, working with our own industry bodies and Welsh Government. The year ahead will be much different to 2020 and we anticipate strong interest in North Wales as a stay at home holiday destination.

“And so it’s a happy birthday to us and a very Happy St David’s Day! As the first day of Spring, we have much to look forward to in the year ahead!”

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